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Plymouth Veterans Memorial

With Memorial Day just a few days away, our last job feels extra special. Yesterday, we were in Plymouth at the Veterans Memorial, where we installed a circle of our natural stone concrete edging. We think it adds nice definition to the edge of the circle.

All around the house.

This homeowner had us install edging to contain crushed stone around their propane tank and heat pump, form a landscaped island, define a landscaped edge in front of a ledge wall, and edge mulched beds around the house. Very nice touches on the look of this home.

Pink Garden in Hampden

We donated this installation to the Pink Garden in Hampden. This definitely gives the garden a beautiful finished look that will last for years to come.

Decorative Concrete Edging

Some pictures of a small job in Glenburn. Natural stone looks best with curves and without right-angle corners, but in this case, we were replacing some rotting timbers and matched those lines. It came out pretty good! And will certainly last far longer and without the maintenance of landscape timbers.

Decorative Concete Edging

Decorative Concrete Pool Edging

Our decorative concrete edging makes for the perfect border around pools. Not only does it look good but it eliminates weed whacking, safeguarding your pools exterior!